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Xavier's Security Post
Wednesday, May 10, 2006
  Google/Sony promotional game source code
Due to request, I went ahead and created an upload of the source code.

The archive file is in .RAR format, so if you have WinRAR or some utility to extract the files within, then great.

Also, it should be noted I put all the main Action Script code into individual text files, but if you have Macromedia 8 and ant access to all the images and other misc. source code, then go open up "main-src.fla". It contains everything from the font to sound and back.


P.S: if the link doesn't work, just let me know.
Thanks for posting this!

Link works great, but what's up with the file named "Spriite245.txt"? Was that a typo in the original?

Also, why is there only one instance of each type of game? Many of the games, such as the Restoration puzzle, would give you a new instance every time you hit reload. Is the "onData()" function used for getting a new puzzle from a server?
The typo is completely my own fault. I should have noticed that before throwing it into the archive :)

I only decompiled the .swf loaded once you go to the da vinco code game url. The source code makes references to other .swf files being loaded for some puzzles, while others (like the observation game) had its answers shoved into a variable. But I didn't decompile those.

I very much assume there's a lot of game data and puzzle functions that are missing. and yes onData() is used to grab new puzzle data (based on your level reference id)

On the last game, I noticed Google/Sony/Bigwhatevertheyare removed the Observation answers from the previous variable they had used and loaded the answers from another file off the google.com server. Meanies ;)
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